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“I have been pleased with the way [Cheryl Chadwick] handled my case.  She treated me very fairly, explained everything very well and was willing to do extra to put me at ease about the situation.  I’m very grateful.”

 “Pat Duff has always been a trusted friend when addressing our legal issues for our family.  A class act all the way!”
-Tyler Throop

“We are very happy with Tom Chadwick and the work he has done for us.  We refer all of our friend to him ”
-Dave Scheurer

“Pat [Duff] is the best.  He goes over and above what he has to in order to help his clients.  He gives clear advice on the case and he is not only the best lawyer I’ve ever had, he is a friend.  Thanks Pat.”
-David Patrick

“Tom [Chadwick] assisted us in will preparation and revising previous documents.  We were pleased with the amount of time Tom took in explanation of terms and processes.  He was very thorough in his explanations and helped us clearly understand what our documents meant.  We would definitely work with Tom in the future and are comfortable with referring him to our family and friends for services.”
-Cindy Koerner

“Mr. Duff prepared our will and made the entire experience as easy and quick as it could be.  He did an excellent job explaining the many scenarios so that we could make an informed decision.  We certainly appreciate all his help and his assistant is also wonderful.  She was a pleasure to work with.”

“Tom [Chadwick] was great.  He explained everything in a way that was easy to understand.  He answered all our questions clear and concise.  He was very professional but did so on a personal level.”
-Tammy Youngs

“It was truly a pleasure! Professional, personable and detail oriented. Asking all the right questions to assure our work would be completed in full and with accuracy.” Patrick Lorvo

“I received the help I needed from Tom Chadwick to fill out my Power of Attorney. He explained it in a language I could understand and went over any questions I had.” Jane Riker

“Cheryl Chadwick is always to the point. If I did not understand something she would take the time to explain it to me. She never hurried me at an appointment. She was thorough with what I needed to give her. She is people friendly! And she smiled a lot! I never felt like she held me beneath her.”
Judy Schmitz

“Mr. Duff handled my Mother’s estate. He answered all of our questions and was very helpful. The office staff was very good also. Thanks very much.”
Charlene Graft

“ During a difficult time for our family Patrick Duff was there every step of the way. I would and have recommended Attorney Duff!”

“Thank you for your efforts (Patrick Duff). Quite pleased with everything.”
Michael Maxwell

“I am grateful to have my will done for free. I had been putting it off until my son told me about your free will senior service. Thank you again.”
Lorane Bush

“The service that I received was great. Eric Matwiejczyk explained everything to me in a way that I understood, listened to me when I had concerns and questions, he made me feel very comfortable in the situation that I was in. He handled my case very well, I liked Eric being my attorney.”
Michelle Ludwick

“They took care of all the legal paperwork for me to take over my father’s estate, Including the Power of Attorney affairs.”

“Eric was very helpful in explaining to me in laymen terms. The cover letter to my will was very helpful. He was also friendly making me feel at ease. I never felt hurried.”

“Mr. Duff assisted us with updating our wills. We were completely satisfied with his services.”
Fred VanAmburg

“We had been putting of our wills, we didn’t really understand the process. It couldn’t have been easier, Mr. Chadwick took the time to explain every step and choice. The package included wills, Power of Attorney and Health Care Power of Attorney, it’s a great relief to have it all done. Amazing, Wonderful and Fantastic.”
Mark and Jane Horrocks

“As for the court outcome I was pleased, the PPO remained intact. Eric Matwiejczyk noticed many things wrong with the motion for termination. In response the case was dropped after hiring Eric. I would come back to Eric again, he took me seriously and was professional.”

History of the firm

In 1965, three Ionia County lawyers, Rex O’Connor, John McNamara, and John O’Keeffe founded what would become Ionia County’s largest law firm. They recognized that teachers, farmers, corrections officers, police officers, business owners, and health care workers needed expert legal advice that meets the unique needs of Ionia County, Montcalm County, Eaton County, and the other counties in our area. They knew that criminal defendants, parties to a divorce, bankruptcy debtors, and disabled people or those in need of disability benefits—those who had reached a low point in life—needed a lawyer who could help them get back on their feet.

Today, the lawyers at Duff, Chadwick and Associates continue serve Ionia County’s residents—from Belding to Portland; from Clarksville to Hubbardston; from Saranac to Pewamo; from Lake Odessa to Palo—with expert advice that meets the unique needs of Ionia County. We believe that, by matching up-to-date knowledge of the law with our client’s specific needs, we can provide better service than lawyers from larger cities, like Grand Rapids or Lansing, who are unfamiliar with our area. Up-to-date knowledge of the law allows our lawyers to serve in other counties and aggressively represent our clients there, as well.

At Duff, Chadwick and Associates, we have five philosophies that set us apart from lawyers in larger cities.

  1. Lawyers are "teachers." First, we believe lawyers should be teachers. If you don’t understand the law, and how it applies to your case, all of our knowledge is of little use to you. Other law firms make you feel unintelligent because you don’t understand the process. At Duff, Chadwick and Associates, we believe that if you don’t understand the area of law that affects your case, we haven’t done our job as teacher.
  2. Understand your options. Second, we believe that you should understand all of your options before making a decision. For example, if you sit down at a restaurant, and the server tells you the day’s specials, wouldn’t you also want to see the entire menu? In addition to what’s being offered, you would also want to know about the other options available. At Duff, Chadwick and Associates, we explain all of your options, even the options you might not have known about. Sometimes going to court—called “litigation”—is the best option. Sometimes mediation (a fair process for resolving disputes in a way that satisfies both parties) is better than litigation, sometimes it is not. Sometimes we can resolve issues for clients with a letter. Doing nothing is always an option (but it can often make the problem bigger). When you know all of your options, you can be satisfied that you chose the right one.
  3. Your team. Third, we take the team approach to meeting your legal needs, and the most important person on our team is YOU! The legal process shouldn’t be a mystery; we want you to understand the process, and make sure that you are helping us to resolve your case to get the result you want. We value your input into your case. You set the goal for us, by defining what “success” means in your case. Many lawyers at other firms prefer to manage each case themselves, and let their clients know what happened. At Duff, Chadwick and Associates, we give you the tools you need to take control of your case.
  4. Top-notch lawyers. Fourth, we believe that, to make this all work, we have to be top-notch lawyers in our practice area. Our lawyers take 30 to 50 hours of continuing legal education each year, to maintain their up-to-date knowledge of the law. Did you know that, in Michigan, there is no requirement for lawyers to earn continuing education credits to maintain their law licenses? While other lawyers learn on the job, the lawyers at Duff, Chadwick and Associates know the law before going to court and before discussing your case. We love to answer your questions, because it’s what we train for. We have found that our up-to-date knowledge of the law gives our clients an edge when we get to court, when we enter negotiations, and sometimes keeps our clients out of court.
  5. Anticipate problems and avoid them. Finally, we believe it is easier to avoid a problem than to fix a problem. Imagine a person signs a will and leaves one child out of the will. In fact, the will doesn’t mention the child at all. Years later, that child will have a legal claim against the person’s estate, and the results could be expensive and heart-rending. Because the lawyer left out an important part of the will, this problem—that could have been avoided—must now be fixed. Whether we are preparing wills, trusts, and other estate planning documents; whether we are drafting an order or judgment for the court; whether we are writing a contract or a landlord-tenant agreement; we believe that lawyers must anticipate problems that could go wrong with the specific wording of the documents. This is hard work that lawyers at other law firms too frequently avoid. When details are left out, or are unclear, or are simply worded incorrectly, the result is much larger problem, and more expensive than the relatively low cost of a properly drafted document. We use our team (including you) to cut down on mistakes, to make sure that foreseeable problems are minimized or avoided, and to give you the peace of mind that your estate planning documents and other documents will accomplish what you wanted them to accomplish.

We are privileged to provide the best representation to Ionia County’s residents, Montcalm County’s residents, Eaton County’s residents, and the residents of neighboring counties. Contact us today by email or by phone to meet with our team.

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